About Us

The aim of LBO

  • Bring together local residents and providers of community and public services to address local issues and need in a more streamlined and cost effective way.
  • Make better use of available resources and community assets and improve access and awareness of existing services.
  • Bringing partners to identify and develop a range of new services that would be beneficial to local residents in providing a ‘package support’ of themed services to include training and employment, health and well-being, children, young people &families and financial and digital inclusion.

Key successes of LBO

  • Delivering services based on need of the community, including back to work programs and work clubs, healthy lifestyle, youth club, young offenders programme, financial advice and digital inclusion.
  • Developed trust and a true partnership network with over 30 organisations from across public, private, voluntary and community sector
  • Awarded £18k from London Borough of Barnet’s Big Society Innovation Bank to deliver on its vision and recruit its own community worker. Awarded £10k from Barnet Homes Innovation fund who is a major supporter of LBO.
  • Created a registered charity with community facilities CReSH (community resource and support hub) to deliver joined up and new services with partners
  • Built the capacity and support needed by smaller organisations in the community
  • Brought back a sense of ‘community’ and we are in this together approach
  • Increased presence through the use of social media engagement (FB, Twitter)

Love Burnt Oak started in 2012 and has established what is now the ‘Loveburntoak Network’ comprising of over 30 organisations and individuals who are committed to working together to improve the life chances of local residents.

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